Friday, June 15, 2007

Mary Queen of Shops - We were on it!!

We were on telly! Well, not us, but our art! How damn cool was that!

OK, so I still have to come down off the ceiling, so let me tell you all about it. One of our top customers is a shop in Doncaster called Homeboy. Well it was called that until they changed to Seen, thanks to the expert advice of Mary Portas.

If you have not seen her series on BBC2, Mary, Queen of Shops, next Thursday is your last chance, it is the last episode. Mary is to fashion retailing, what Gordon Ramsay is to restaurants. The show is ace, she rocks, and our friends Kath and Jock and Seen/Homeboy where brilliant.

Mary seemed to like what we do with the art in mens clothing shops and there was a great scene where Jock gets up a very big ladder to move our art.

Well we just loved being on TV. Lets hope this is not our only time!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Here we go again! Damien Hirst goes for broke!

£50m, for a diamond crusted skull. Now I know it looks cool, very cool in fact, but why. If you have got that much money, buy the damn diamonds, get some superglue and have some fun yourself.

You might even enjoy it.

There is a real crazy amount of money (mostly from Russia) it appears in the art market at the moment. I have to love Hirsts commercial streak. His timing is brilliant.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Space Invaders/Retro Art/Invader Art

Well we are so pleased to give you lucky readers a sneak preview of the new range coming out on 05.06.07. Have a look at our site for more.

However as I was thinking about what to write today, it occurred to me to mention the French street artist, Invader. He h for some years now been stalking the streets of major cities around the world 'invading' them with his cute mosaics, based on the original game.

Funny now that they are cult, but at the time many local authorities (Manchester was very vocal) wanted them taken down and Invader hung out to dry.

There are something like 40+ in Manchester and honestly, there are times when we still uncover a new one. Even after all these years.

Learn a bit more about Invader Here.

Have a great weekend, where ever you are.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Going Green, but why for two days

Now living in a city as we do, I am all for green spaces. And what a great idea this is! Turfing the whole of Trafalgar Square. It looks amazing and frankly there should be more of this, but why oh why oh why are they only doing it for two days!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Player 01 Ready? Invasion Approaching

Get ready for the most fun since the original retro arcade games of the 80s. These fantastic new designs by our new artist Jody Clarke will be unleashed on Earth on 05.06.07.

Featuring those ols classic retro arcade games we all grew up with, you are going to see lots of Space Invaders in strange positions, out of context and in bright colours.

Register for our newsletter to be the first to get them. They are very limited edition prints. 50 of each size!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Scanner Darkly

OK, so I am a bit behind with my movies right now. But if you have not seen A Scanner, then it gets a firm thumbs up from us.

It is filmed in the very unusual technique called Rotoscoping. Rather than using the original hand drawn version, as say in the classic, but cheesey 80s pop video by A-Ha, the animation is all digital. It is slick, and feels, well a bit a like you are tripping (*apparently*). Considering the subject of the film, the effect is no coincidence.

Combine the visuals with a very sharp dialogue (much apparently taken from the original book), this is a very good, if not disturbing film.

Right up our street!

Friday, May 11, 2007

It lives!!! It's alive!! It Works!

It took over two months of solid work to get our new look site up and running. Thanks to the developers involved, you made it possible. Do let us know if you find anything not quite right. With over 250 products, it is possible we got something wrong!

So now all the hard work on development is out of the way, we can now get on with bringing you lots of interesting news and comment. Oh look there is my publishing background creeping back in!

Whilst writing this morning, one person Lisa and I love, is the artist Antony Gormley. He Rocks!

Check out more about him on Saturday night. C4 are running an hour documentary ANTONY GORMLEY: MAKING SPACE; C4 Sat 12 May 8pm 2007. Check it out.

Of course, make sure you bookmark, RSS, or whatever you need to do with this things to hear more.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend.