Monday, June 11, 2007

Here we go again! Damien Hirst goes for broke!

£50m, for a diamond crusted skull. Now I know it looks cool, very cool in fact, but why. If you have got that much money, buy the damn diamonds, get some superglue and have some fun yourself.

You might even enjoy it.

There is a real crazy amount of money (mostly from Russia) it appears in the art market at the moment. I have to love Hirsts commercial streak. His timing is brilliant.


Fingers said...

Love the Aryton Senna image, probably the strongest image of this extra ordinary driver. Is your man Lewis better??? answers on a postcard

B of the Bang city of manchester stadium, probably the best modern sculpture of its time... Then I think Superlambanana is also up there!

Any how you supported Man United as lad. I've seen the pix.

Amplified Art said...

Lewis rocks, it is simple. how else would be be able to not only out drive the back to back world champ, but beat him in qualifying too.

Pure class driver