Friday, June 15, 2007

Mary Queen of Shops - We were on it!!

We were on telly! Well, not us, but our art! How damn cool was that!

OK, so I still have to come down off the ceiling, so let me tell you all about it. One of our top customers is a shop in Doncaster called Homeboy. Well it was called that until they changed to Seen, thanks to the expert advice of Mary Portas.

If you have not seen her series on BBC2, Mary, Queen of Shops, next Thursday is your last chance, it is the last episode. Mary is to fashion retailing, what Gordon Ramsay is to restaurants. The show is ace, she rocks, and our friends Kath and Jock and Seen/Homeboy where brilliant.

Mary seemed to like what we do with the art in mens clothing shops and there was a great scene where Jock gets up a very big ladder to move our art.

Well we just loved being on TV. Lets hope this is not our only time!


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