Friday, May 25, 2007

Space Invaders/Retro Art/Invader Art

Well we are so pleased to give you lucky readers a sneak preview of the new range coming out on 05.06.07. Have a look at our site for more.

However as I was thinking about what to write today, it occurred to me to mention the French street artist, Invader. He h for some years now been stalking the streets of major cities around the world 'invading' them with his cute mosaics, based on the original game.

Funny now that they are cult, but at the time many local authorities (Manchester was very vocal) wanted them taken down and Invader hung out to dry.

There are something like 40+ in Manchester and honestly, there are times when we still uncover a new one. Even after all these years.

Learn a bit more about Invader Here.

Have a great weekend, where ever you are.

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