Friday, May 11, 2007

It lives!!! It's alive!! It Works!

It took over two months of solid work to get our new look site up and running. Thanks to the developers involved, you made it possible. Do let us know if you find anything not quite right. With over 250 products, it is possible we got something wrong!

So now all the hard work on development is out of the way, we can now get on with bringing you lots of interesting news and comment. Oh look there is my publishing background creeping back in!

Whilst writing this morning, one person Lisa and I love, is the artist Antony Gormley. He Rocks!

Check out more about him on Saturday night. C4 are running an hour documentary ANTONY GORMLEY: MAKING SPACE; C4 Sat 12 May 8pm 2007. Check it out.

Of course, make sure you bookmark, RSS, or whatever you need to do with this things to hear more.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend.

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